Make-up tips for models

Winter Make up TipsThe cold season is here and it’s time for all of us to look fresh and change our looks so that they will match with the new season. If you are a model now or an aspiring makeup model and you don’t know what to do in order to make that change about your look, then don’t worry, as in the following minutes you will find out everything about Make-up tips for models and putting up a very good makeup style that will impress everyone.

Winter Makeup Trends

The first one is the matte complexion and the funny thing in this is that you will have to get away from the trends. Such type of makeup is actually an inspiration from the eighties and nineties, where a glossy and shiny face could not be seen anywhere. It’s recommended that you will opt for muted colors, regardless if it’s nail lacquer or eye shadow. So how to do it?

First of all you will need to apply primer. Before you will apply the solution you will desire your skin to be closest perfection as possible.It’s recommended that you will go for a powder-based variety when you will pick your foundation. In regards to your t-zone, be sure that you will not apply a highlighter or illuminator.Because the foundation is not a mask, you will have to have your forehead left bare. So you will thus need to have it applied in your face’s center and then blend it outward in order to get a natural look.

Contoured Cheeks

A minimalist look is the best way that you could get crowd friendly. Applying this type of makeup is simple and here are the steps for doing so:

Get bronzer applied under the jaw line start from your ear and then going down to your chin. After you’re done with it your face will look more angular. You should make a fish face and then have the bronzer applied under the cheekbones. It’s recommended that you will stroke using an inward motion, starting from your ear and then getting to the center of your face. At this point you should have some blush dabbed on your cheek’s apples and then have that continuing up until your ears. Work in a circular motion and smile when applying it. Last but not least, on the top of your cheeks add highlighter powder, as this will give you a halo effect.

Bare Eyed Mascara

To be in tone with this trend you will only need a mascara and an eyelash curler. This is a type of makeup that many celebrities wear and you will certainly feel like one too when having it on. Here are the steps for applying it:

Mascara must always be applied first before the foundation. It will have a road map create don your face and it also opens up your eyes. You will realize that doing so, there won’t be a need to apply too much makeup.
To create a base, whack on an eyelash primer and curl your lashesBrush the lashes in order to avoid lumpsLastly, get a pair of false eyelashes and get their fringing beefed up

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