Winter Make up TipsThe cold season is here and it’s time for all of us to look fresh and change our looks so that they will match with the new season. If you are a model now or an aspiring makeup model and you don’t know what to do in order to make that change about your look, then don’t worry, as in the following minutes you will find out everything about Make-up tips for models and putting up a very good makeup style that will impress everyone.

Winter Makeup Trends

The first one is the matte complexion and the funny thing in this is that you will have to get away from the trends. Such type of makeup is actually an inspiration from the eighties and nineties, where a glossy and shiny face could not be seen anywhere. It’s recommended that you will opt for muted colors, regardless if it’s nail lacquer or eye shadow. So how to do it? Continue reading

Promo ModelPromotional modeling jobs have entirely opened new opportunities for both professional models and those aspiring ones. Although, promotional modeling is different from commercial modeling, the point is that it is still a modeling job in which you can earn a descent amount of money by simply endorsing a product. If you think you have what it gets to become a promotional model, the following details below will provide you tips on how to become a promotional model.

One of the first things that you may opt to do is to search for modeling jobs which are now available online. Many companies find investing for their advertisements with promotional models is more affordable than with commercial models. That’s why there are now more companies are in need of promotional models. It’s best to apply within a day or two after the posting since competition is also getting tighter. Continue reading