One Source Talent Scam
Ask anyone in the fashion and acting community, and they will tell you that finding a partner to secure talent is one of the hardest things to do. That’s where One Source Talent comes in. They have an extensive database of actors, models and other customers looking to find talent for their upcoming projects that is legit, unlike most talent scams out there. At OST, the goal is to build relationships that connect clients to talent, while working within the client’s budget.

Founded in 2003, One Source Talent has grown rapidly and established themselves in an incredibly competitive market that up until this time has been dominated by only a few companies. OST has a presence in national markets from New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Houston, Providence, San Francisco, Seattle, D.C. and out of their corporate location in Detroit.
OST is leading a change in how both the modeling and acting industries conduct business by incorporating their advanced technology, dedicated team, and unique business structure. Continue reading

Advantages Of Being A ModelModeling is one of the most attractive careers in the world. It is a super glittering field that is laced with attention grabbing sparkles, irresistible to young ladies and gentlemen. For this reason, many young people spend their life trying to become great models. Modeling as a career has an endless list of advantages, however, in this article you will find some of the most fun advantages of becoming a model.

1. Salary. Modeling is among the best paid jobs in the world. Professional models are employed by reputable modeling companies that offer them huge sums of money just to advertise their brands. Models can also de independent and model whenever they want. In many cases, the modeling jobs are seasonal therefore after the modeling season is over, models can continue doing their daily business as they are waiting for the next season. A model’s salary ranges from $ 200 to $1000 per day. Surely that’s an attractive income. It is one of the surest ways of becoming rich instantly. Continue reading

Steps To Become A Makeup ModelBeing a makeup model, or a model for a makeup company, is something that many women (and even some men) want to become. If you are a makeup model, your chief task is to pose in front of a camera while wearing various products such as lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras, lotions, powders, etc.

What is the effect? Other people will then see how beautiful they will become when they wear the make-up themselves. If you make others feel that way, then you are successful in being a model. Growth and interaction opportunities exist in makeup modeling. Growth in the job comes because you get to sample many different products, and doing so requires you to master many different ways of facing the camera. Interaction comes from dealing with other people on the job all day, especially makeup artists and fellow models, and also off the job, where people may just recognize you. Continue reading

Most Popular Modeling PosesAre you trying to enter into the world of modeling and not sure if you know how to make the right poses? Making faces in front of the camera may seem like some rocket science to most people at first, but the fact is once you understand the camera and get comfortable with it, posing will not remain a problem at all. The best way to learn posing is to observe different styles that models use. Most of the poses are just slight variations of the same set of poses used before, or seen done by other super models. We have collected a set of the 5 top most popular modeling poses that could help you master the art of posing, as well as develop your own style.  Continue reading

Designer ModelModeling is one of the most glamorous industries. It is believed that one has to be in a good physique and shape to become a model. However, there always seems to be a kind of confusion when it comes to choosing the right type of modeling. The question arises as How to become a model for designers? You can get the answer by going through few tips given below. This will help you building a strong plan to get selected in the best designer’s fashion shows.

The fashion industry is one of the leading industries in the market. One can find many designers from all parts of the world making shows or putting forth their designer clothes through different models. The list of some of the fashion designers from different countries such as Australia, Brazil, Austria, Canada, China, Egypt, France, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, etc. are Rohit Khosla, Aki Narula, Tomas Maier, Serge Lutens, Maud Frizon, Titi Kwan, Bowie Wong and many more. Continue reading

Five Hairstyles For Runway ModelsAn essential element in creating the right look that homogeneously fits in with your dress or enhances your look is the hairstyle you opt for. The catwalk too is set ablaze by new fashion trends in apparel every season from London,New York to Paris and Milan, and all across the globe; but what seems to be less in focus are the hairstyles that are worn by these runway scorchers. Hairstyles are an important component of catwalk modeling. While it may be true that most designers rather have all the attention on the clothes that the model is flaunting, it is imperative that the hairstyles coordinate with it.

Most designers have preferred the sleek, pulled back and gelled hair styles that keep the attention mainly focused on the clothes.This is not to say that experimentation with hairstyles have not been done, in fact, with each line of clothing comes a new trend in hair like the quiffs or the asymmetrical cut, sixties beehives to low slung buns and fish tail plaits, or the amazing dual tone hair color. From sophisticated chignons to the bob, hairstyles on the ramp have in fact been as creatively diverse as the clothing.Let’s have a look at the 5 hairstyles for fashion models that have endured through the fashion seasons. Continue reading

Different Types Of ModelingThe modeling profession allures young adults because in many cases it means that they get to wear fashionable clothes, appear in magazine covers, and can become rich and famous. Modeling, however, is not limited to the glamorous perception that most people connect with it. There are actually different types of modeling and these options make the profession open to anyone who has the determination and drive to be a model. Therefore, if it is your dream to become a model, you have to learn about the fields of modeling that are available for you so that you can prepare yourself for the kind of work that awaits you. Continue reading

Are friends, family and even strangers telling you how beautiful or engaging your young baby is?

baby casting callsIf your baby has very expressive features, a great smile or a contagious laugh, you may want to consider taking your baby to baby casting calls. Babies are filmed for print advertisements, television commercials, television shows and movies, so there are many opportunities for your baby to get some screen experience. But what exactly is involved in finding appropriate baby casting calls?

Finding a casting call in 2014 for your baby requires good internet research skills. Your best bet is to get online and start searching for casting calls in your local area. Then decide how far you are willing to travel to get to a casting call, and widen your search appropriately. If you know of a city nearby where many movies are filmed, you should include that city in your search.

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hand modelingThere are different types of models; including, hand and foot models. Yes, hands can be the stars of the photo shoot. Do you know what makes a pair of hands photo-shoot-worthy? Like any type of model, your hands must meet certain criteria in order to be considered for hand modeling. There are certain things model companies look for in hands, that help them determine if a pair of hands are photo worthy.

If you are interested in becoming a hand model, the first thing you will want to do is find a modeling company to assess your assets. Like a super model, either you have it, or you don’t. If you know ahead of time what agents look for in a hand model, you may save yourself some time before you attempt to get your hands noticed. Continue reading

antm top modelThe newest edition of America’s Next Top Model is a battle between the best looking models fighting out to get the prestigious title along with $100,000 cash, feature in Nylon Magazine and a string of other rewards including Nine west and Smash box Cosmetics campaign as well as various other modeling contracts. The show, hosted by Tyra Banks is a dream run for the contestants and hundreds of aspirants who flock to the auditions:, but the dream comes true only for the luckiest participant.  Continue reading