Five Enduring Hairstyles For Fashion Models

Five Hairstyles For Runway ModelsAn essential element in creating the right look that homogeneously fits in with your dress or enhances your look is the hairstyle you opt for. The catwalk too is set ablaze by new fashion trends in apparel every season from London,New York to Paris and Milan, and all across the globe; but what seems to be less in focus are the hairstyles that are worn by these runway scorchers. Hairstyles are an important component of catwalk modeling. While it may be true that most designers rather have all the attention on the clothes that the model is flaunting, it is imperative that the hairstyles coordinate with it.

Most designers have preferred the sleek, pulled back and gelled hair styles that keep the attention mainly focused on the clothes.This is not to say that experimentation with hairstyles have not been done, in fact, with each line of clothing comes a new trend in hair like the quiffs or the asymmetrical cut, sixties beehives to low slung buns and fish tail plaits, or the amazing dual tone hair color. From sophisticated chignons to the bob, hairstyles on the ramp have in fact been as creatively diverse as the clothing.Let’s have a look at the 5 hairstyles for fashion models that have endured through the fashion seasons.

Most Popular Model Hairstyles1. Beautiful Braids. Not necessarily a look meant for the catwalk alone, this style of braiding hair in smaller braids on both sides of the head or the long tapering one that runs down the back , can be played around with .One sees models having loose hair along with braids to the center parting or side parting styles, complex braids for the mermaid look to the French braid coming together with a high pony tail one-all of these have been used exhaustively by models and reigns high on the catwalk’s favorite hairstyles. Hair can be made to look slick with some gel to give the hair color a deeper infusion.

2. The Pony TRunway Model Hairstyleail. It is simple yet one of the most important ways to have the hair molded around the face and neck giving a certain softness to the look. The pony tail taken high on the crown can give the look of sporty confidence while the one taken low has the ability to give a formal look .Seen repeatedly at many fashion shows , this enduring hairstyle allows great pliability to the hair volume. The sideways knotted low pony tail where the hair sections are mainly twirled at two levels and made to converge at the side of the neck in a soft knot, goes splendidly with soft flowing gowns and dresses.

Most Popular Model Hairstyles

3. The Beachy Waves. Bright and fun, the ability of hair to take its natural curl makes the natural wavy look one of the 5 hairstyles for fashion models that remains one of the most popular. To go with the perfect sporty , fun look, it adds volume to the shape and silhouette when the dress is frivolously short or the person way too skinny or long limbed. It softens the facial bones and takes away the stark and starving look. A sunshine look with blonde hair and for darker hair the glistening locks can be two toned or given a dash of glitter to take it right up to the red carpet.

4. TFashion Model Hairstyleshe Giant Wave. Not the most common to be seen on the street but the giant wave has been one of the most popular hairstyles on the runway. While part of the long strands run down the side or the back, a portion is rolled up at the crown. Again, preferred by stylists for its amazing ability for improvisation with color and texture, the roll confidently reappeared many a times right through the spring and summer seasons.


5. The Geo Cut. Perhaps the most utilitarian with its sharp defined edges to go with the more futPopular Model Hairstylesuristic look, this hairstyle reigns supreme among the preferred ones because of being no-nonsense. Cut and straightened to ultra sleekness, it seems to be on the other end of the spectrum along with the soft tousled hairstyles on the ramp, yet both endured as classics. Geo cuts can be symmetrical or asymmetrical and may be given a matte or a glossy finish using hair wax. Easier on people with straight hair, irons and hairsprays work equally well to create the look. The color reflections and the feel of perfect alignment of the body and the hair, this cut is meant to highlight the precision of the clothes, their line and cut. Experimentation with color is its foremost advantage.

These 5 hairstyles for fashion models are just the few that have been recognized the world over for their pliability and versatility to go with the look of models from different parts of the world, as well as fit in with the couture lines that they displayed.

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