One Source Talent SCAM??

One Source Talent Scam
Ask anyone in the fashion and acting community, and they will tell you that finding a partner to secure talent is one of the hardest things to do. That’s where One Source Talent comes in. They have an extensive database of actors, models and other customers looking to find talent for their upcoming projects that is legit, unlike most talent scams out there. At OST, the goal is to build relationships that connect clients to talent, while working within the client’s budget.

Founded in 2003, One Source Talent has grown rapidly and established themselves in an incredibly competitive market that up until this time has been dominated by only a few companies. OST has a presence in national markets from New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Houston, Providence, San Francisco, Seattle, D.C. and out of their corporate location in Detroit.
OST is leading a change in how both the modeling and acting industries conduct business by incorporating their advanced technology, dedicated team, and unique business structure.

At OST, the talent they work with gets access to real time submissions from nationwide castings as well as auditions, their own email account, attendance to workshops, meet and greets among those in the industry, an environment that is commission free, digital as well as tradition submissions with their own composite card to name a few.

More impressive, they offer their own website where it gives the talent, photographer and casting directors a community to network as well as share upcoming opportunities.
So what other benefits do the clients at One Source enjoy? To start, clients pick from talent who have received a comprehensive talent evaluation process that ensures that they are receiving dedicated professionals. Furthermore, the corporate team comes equipped with years of industry experience as well as industry contacts. OST’s service is commission free, and they offer a significant database of talent that is searchable to sort through detailed characteristics of each individual.

At One Source Talent agency reviews, we are incredibly fortunate to be able to have not only dozens, but hundreds of past success stories, with a growing list each and every day. Not only does this praise come from well known names but also to smaller sized independent firms as well.
We are proud to have made a name for ourselves, and we continue to work towards putting our clients and their needs ahead of ours, and continue to focus on them as the end objective. Our clients love having the ability to not only search but to also book talent as part of our free service offered by One Source Talent. Whether you’re an agent, client, casting director, filmmaker, producer of other industry professional, we service them all. We are confident in our systems and skills at our disposal, and take on jobs of all sizes, big and small.

Our extensive database of amazing talent helps you have the edge as you look to fill a particular need in whatever your upcoming project is. We all know that time is valuable, which is why our service has been setup to allow for quick results, outstanding support, all at no cost to you!
We are not simply just a website. We offer so much more, even access to our offices across the country where we allow for hosted castings right in our offices, all for free to you our client. Give us a call today so that we can pair you with our amazing talent!

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